Training Services

Do you know why firemen are so good at their job? If they are not putting out fire they are training.

Company-wide Awareness Training

At Xiobe we start with a ‘human first’-approach this means that we belief that every human can contribute in an organization not becoming a victim of criminals. Company-wide training is training that has a component around how attacks work, how they need to be reported and how incentives are created so that every human in your organization has the capabilities to detect anomalies.

Management Training

Management training is specific for the people who are responsible for the organization. We train them not only in generic management techniques but also offer to put their leadership skills to the test by simulating attacks during table top exercises.

Technical Training

The technical training of your staff will determine the quality and outcome of their work. Xiobe offers a number of training which are customized to the customer. The focus of our training are defensive topics and can be part of consultancy or specifically organized for your staff.