Risk and Security Management

Cyber Risk Analysis

Doing business means you take risks for a return on investment. At Xiobe we help our customers manage their risks so they can yield a better return on investment not losing there hard work to cyber criminals.

We use ISO-31000 framework and combine it with the ISO-27000 controls to handle information technology and cross reference it with the SANS 20 critical security controls.

Policy Development

Some organizations want to have a Cyber Policy Framework but do not know where to start. Xiobe uses the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and works with its customers to make it adapted to the customer’s environment.

Process Development

IT is like electricity at the heart of everything we do and therefore we help introduce not only the technical processes to realize a cybersecurity policy framework but take it further. Xiobe believes you can only obtain success if you start with the human being who will use the process.

GDPR Simulation

The General Data Protect Regulation is applicable to every European company and citizen. Many companies made a lot of plans but actually never tested them. We propose a hands on non-technical simulation through which you will know if there are weaknesses in your plan.

GDPR Data Carrier Destruction

Many organizations have a pile of old hard drives, USB sticks and DVDs of which they want to get rid but GDPR tells them they should do it in a secure manner. At Xiobe we offer our customer data carrier destruction with certification, which means your data carrier is securely deleted and the e-waste is handled correctly.

GDPR Leak Monitoring

Do you want to learn from the media that your data is floating around online? Xiobe’s GDPR Leak Monitoring is a service that monitors online resources to detect data leaks so that you know about them first.

Threat Analysis

When you assign budgets to invest in cybersecurity you need to know what the capabilities are of your adversaries. We help you create profiles based on real-world attacks so you can invest better in your defenses.

Threat Hunting

Do you want to make certain nobody else is active in your network, then you need threat hunting. Regular analysis of your assets by experts is called threat hunting. The expert looks for signals to find the threat agents in your network.

Recruitment Assistance

Do you want to hire an IT profile that understands security? We can help your human resources by interviewing the candidates on the security aspects of the IT role you have in mind.