BruCon 2018 (0x0A) – day 3

The final day of BruCon 2018 went by at at lighting speed. I still owe you a short write up about the workshops I had in the room I managed, so here they are.

Jedi Tricks To Convince Your Boss

This workshop was given by Emmanuel Nicaise. Last year Emmanuel gave us a series of techniques how to talk to your boss and colleagues but this year’s topic was how to talk to your boss and convince the boss to consider your ideas.

The workshop was organized in such a way that you got a bit of explanation and then had to apply it on your work environment situation. To do this of course all participants had to agree to the fact that Chatham House Rule is observed.

From an organization standpoint it was interesting to observe that the average age during that workshop seemed higher to me than in the other ones. I guess that tells me that some of us at a certain point in their life would like to learn to communicate and that is exactly what this talk was about, so not your average infosec talk.

The hunt is on: Engineering the NextGen Cyber Threat Detection System. Attackers, it’s not so easy to hide anymore!

This was the final workshop, what meant that Solomon Sonya had a hard job since people are tired and some had to leave the conference a bit earlier to get home. Solomon is passionate about his topic and wrote a complete framework for ingesting threat information, generate intel from it using things like Shannon Entropy and Simpson Index.

Finally he was able to use this intel then back to a network sensor which he based on Tshark.